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"After the photo session, my mind has been totally changed.This is going to be the best investment for my self-branding."
Dylan Mahoney

We often receive jobs when people come back to us because they don’t feel happy with the results that other photographers delivered. Here is how we helped them get a confident look that tripled their inquire rate.

Before After
"Don't believe 'I have a friend who's a photographer'. Go to the pro directly!I lost my money on amateurs before."
Ziyi Huang
Film Producer
"I thought I only needed an "OK" headshot and walked away from K Vision, but I came back after the cheaper one was done and booked K Vision's highest session."
Renee Li
Financial Consultant

Can't find the right branding photographer?

Maybe you have already hired one but are not happy with the results? That’s absolutely normal nowadays… Why? Because…

Everyone could be a "photographer"

Who couldn’t afford a high-end mirrorless camera nowadays? So there are many “a guy with a camera” who claim to be “photographers”

Price attraction

Those cheap offers are pretty attractive. Why pay a $500 headshot when there is a $150 offer? Actually, whomever at the $150 level is inexperienced and building portfolio. Do you really want to pay the money for someone to practice?

Not specialised

Professional Headshots photographers need so many experiences on how to direct people to their best look in a confident way. An award-winning wedding or newborn photographer is not necessarily to has.

Wouldn't it be great if your photo results are insured?

You don’t have to worry about getting unpleasant photos in K Vision Studio. We guarantee that you will love your new corporate headshot Sydney.
You could review your photos right after the shooting session, if you are not happy with it, just do a reshoot.

Becky特别好 化妆技术杠杠的 而且特别细心 👏🏻👏🏻 Gia也是很不错的 专业细心 👏🏻👏🏻 去了他们推荐的旁边那家邮局 直接过审 期待成果🎉🎉 谢谢你们呦🤗🤗
Had a really good experience with Wayne here. The whole team was kind and supportive. I came here to get a photo for my visa and what I got is way beyond my expectations. Would definitely recommend to others.
I had an absolutely phenomenal experience when I had my professional photos taken here. The results were nothing short of stunning, the service exuded the utmost professionalism, and the staff’s unwavering assistance truly exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend their services!
Very good experience! Professional service. It is the best ID photo of my son! 10/10 recommended
I highly recommend them for your next passport photo need. The staff warmly welcomed me upon arrival, providing professional guidance throughout the entire process. Everything is very well-organized and streamlined that I received my photos on the spot soon after the shoot. Great job team!
Cindy is amazing!
Kevin and the team provided a high-quality, professional service and I was really pleased with the results. They put me at ease, the session was fun and I highly recommend them. 🙂
Had my passport photo taken here. A bit pricey but the results are amazing
Thank you for the attention you provided to ensure I had a great photo experience. I feel so much more confident sharing my identification now that I have my professional photo.
Great customer service and professional photoshoot.
Perfect skill & perfect service!!!
Great service!
My daughter and both took passport photo at K vision. Very professional service and we are very happy with the photo.
Very nice service!! 客服小姐姐人真的太好了!祝生意兴隆! 🙂
A great place/studio to get professional or passport photos done.
Great service. Very happy with photos, would recommend

How do we guarentee the results?

How do we take Corporate Headshots? Take a look of our workflow.

Consulting Service

  • • First, let’s talk about what you need for your new professional headshots.
  • • After arriving at the studio, our customer service will ask you about the usage of your photos, and help you choose the appropriate background colour and style based on the outfits you bring.
  • • A real estate agent’s corporate headshots will be definitely different from an artist’s profile professional headshots.

Styling Services (optional)

  • •Using professional branded cosmetics to create exquisite makeup
  • •Professionally trained makeup artists to provide professional advice about good corporate headshots.
Styling Service
Shooting Service

Photographing Service

  • •We use Nikon pro-level cameras
  • •The studio is equipped with Profoto world class lighting system
  • •All our photographers have been trained and certified for corporate headshots photos.
  • •Your photographer will communicate to understand the personality and ideal result you want to express.
  • •The first step in our workflow is not to press the shutter button, but to chat and make you relax😄
  • •Under this premise we can take the most confident you.Please keep talking with our photographer😉

Image processing service

  • •High standard and efficient retouching service provided by K Vision Studio image processing centre
  • •We use calibrated Mac computers to view and retouch photos, so to present the best colour experience
  • •Our Retoucher will follow your retouching needs and provide professional advice according to your corporate headshots.
  • •The retouching technique we use is as same as perfume advertisements to present the most stunning you.
Image Processing Service
Passport photo delivery

Photo delivery

  • •3-5 business days later, the retouched corporate headshots Sydney will be emailed to you.
  • •You could let us know if you are happy with the results, or what else would you like to change. When you are happy with your corporate headshots, then we will deliver the digital versions to you.
  • •If you ordered any high-quality prints of your professional headshots, they will be posted to your address.
  • •Enjoy and share your awesome photo!
K Vision team understand my retouching requirements very well. They take detailed note of my needs and very efficient when I need a second change. Love their professional workflow and attitude.

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Our Promises

Express Headshot

$ 358
  • 1 wardrobe change
  • white or dark background colour
  • 2 professional enhanced digital photos
  • Duration:45 mins
  • Headshot only
  • 5 days turn around time

Elite Headshot

$ 588
  • 2 wardrobe change
  • white + dark background colours
  • 4 professional enhanced digital photos
  • Duration:60 mins
  • Headshots + Half body shots
  • 5 days turn around time

Leader Headshot

$ 998
  • 3 wardrobe change
  • 3 background colours
  • 9 professional enhanced digital photos
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Headshots + Half body shots
  • 5 days turn around

Master Headshot

$ 1598
  • 3 wardrobe change
  • 3+ background colours
  • 20 professional enhanced digital photos
  • Duration:1.5 hours
  • Headshot + Half body shots
  • 5 days turn around time

Self-Branding Package

$ 1998
  • 3 wardrobe change
  • 3+ background colours
  • 30 professional enhanced digital photos
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Headshots + Half body shots
  • 5 days turn around time
Best Value

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