Basic information of passport photo session:

Total duration: approx. 45 mins
  • 1 required size cropped and original digital photo.
  • 1 set required size hard copy (2-4 photos depend on the different photo size).
Our service includes: 
  • Before the shoot, we will help you to tidy up your hair and clothes.
  • During the photo shoot, we will pay special attention to all details that other places don’t, such as your stray hairs, your collar, and your head angle, then guide you to your best smile and expression.
  • After the shoot, we will help you select the best photo. If you are not satisfied with the initial shoot, we will reshoot until you are happy with the result.
  • After selecting photos, we will follow your retouching needs and strictly adhere to passport photo requirements, making minor optimisations to your photo.
All these efforts are made to make a perfect passport photo that you will love.


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