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Pick Your Session


Cute Session


  • Includes up to 1hr session
  • 1 Look
  • No family images, 1 subject in the entire session only
  • 5 enhanced high-res images

Diamond Session


  • Includes up to 3hr session
  • 3-4 Looks
  • Family images are included (up to 4 pax)
  • 20 enhanced high-res images
  • 20-5″x7″ fine art grade prints
  • $200 Print Credit

Available Add-Ons

Quote Upon Request

  • Professional Makeup & Hair Artist
  • Outdoor Session
  • Indoor & Outdoor Session
  • Special set ups

For more than 4 Family members, please contact us for your quote.
Makeup service is highly suggested with a Family session.

Upgrade Options


Just A Little More


  • +5 enhanced high-res images
  • 8 inch crystal frame x 1
Pets Photography

Heirloom Collection


  • Heirloom Album (20P)
    or Bamboo Box (10P)
  • Doubled enhanced high-res images
  • 4”x6” fine art grade prints as a gift
  • All original negatives (with logo)
Pets Photography

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What is corporate headshots?

Corporate headshots is portrait that personally tailored for business. It should indicate who you are and why people should choose you instead of anyone else. The reality is that people do judge and are often visual as whether you are credible, reliable and if they trust you. Corporate headshots helps you fulfil those needs, especially with a stranger as it tells people in half seconds what you’re all about and why you are trustworthy.

Do I really need a professional corporate headshot?

A professional corporate headshot for an individual is just like a logo for a brand. It shows people that you are invested in your business and care about your brand. That being said, we all know some brands that don’t have any logos. So is a profession corporate headshots really necessary? I don’t think so. Corporate headshots are marketing tool so should be seen as a marketing expense. If your corporate headshots are done correctly it will definitely make you more money than it costs.

Do you photoshop the photos?

YES! After photo selection our photographer will ask for your opinions based on how you would like the photos to be Photoshopped. We will send you the preview of the photos after editing, in order to achieve the ideal result for each person or project. we still want you to look like you so we will always advise you on what’s appropriate for your style and occupation.

How long will it take?

Our most popular session times range from 20 minutes to 1 hours, this is from our LinkedIn Profile Photo session to our Leader Corporate Headshots. In most cases, the length of your session will depend on how experienced you are in front of the camera, your ability to let go and trust the process. In addition to this, the number of looks you wish to achieve, either through clothing or locations will also play a part in how long we will need for your shoot.

I’m very camera shy, can you still help me?

We have heard every story of people telling us their concerns about how they are camera-shy and “un-photogenic-ness” It amazes us how people have anxiety of their appearance until they actually have a headshot session with us. We are highly skilled photographers, we are here to help with poses and coach you throughout your whole session. We will try our best to be as friendly as we can to have your natural facial expressions in your corporate headshots. We have professional lighting and cutting edge technology and 100%sure we will make you look your best. You may be surprised at how photogenic you can be.

What should I wear for my corporate headshots?

A successful headshot is personally tailored to your ideal job or audience. What would you be wearing if you are at work? Or meeting these people for the first time. In most cases this is a question that only you can answer. The total purpose of having a professional corporate headshot is to be credible, reliable and professional. So make sure that you don’t bring in creased/unclean clothing, and we will take care of the rest.

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