$139.00 30 minutes

Amazing ladies, amazing service! The atmosphere was very friendly, the ladies made sure that I felt relaxed and comfortable. Makeup session was followed by a photoshoot, and shortly after the photos were ready. They explained to me in great details what to do if a post office worker decides to be difficult regarding the photo, and made sure that I am aware of free reshoot if the photo is rejected by the passport office. Hope this studio is still around next time I need to get a new passport. :)
I’ll highly recommend this place for your passport photo. I’m very satisfied with the result I got.
Terrance Zhu
Terrance Zhu
06:55 29 Jan 23
The most trustworthy photo studio in Sydney! I had my passport photo taken here. It's an one-on-one service. The photographer is very professional and knows how to capture the best of you. The touchup makes the photo natural yet beautiful. Highly recommend it to everyone.
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen
06:40 20 Jan 23
My experience with L Vision Studio was totally positive. I was looked after by a true professional and the result - a passport photo - could not have been better. I highly recommend this business.
Barbara Lasserre
Barbara Lasserre
11:36 06 Jan 23
There were some problems with the passport photo I had taken at home with my phone but I couldn't figure out what. The studio reviewed it, pin pointed the problems and gave valuable advices on how to fix them - all for free. I had it retaken and it turned out nicely.
Wendy Wang
Wendy Wang
09:02 30 Dec 22
Great experience!! Definitely the most perfect passport shot I've ever had. Thanks for that, my passport application was approved only one day later. PLEASE do not wait one moment more and make your booking right now❤️
Akane C
Akane C
00:09 15 Dec 22
First time to do a passport photoshoot.I could not have hoped for a good experience and even better result!The passport photo came out awesome! 🙂🙂Highly recommended!! 👍👍
dare hare
dare hare
07:10 21 Nov 22
I had an extremely excellent experience here of taking my passport photo. The team are very professional and nice during taking photo, helping me adjust my face expression and my looking. Strongly suggested!!
Ruilin Cai
Ruilin Cai
02:08 15 Sep 22
I am so happy with my passport photos! They look amazing. They were very punctual and professional. I was amazed that in half an hour they got the photos done, printed and emailed. I'm so happy that I will not be stuck with an ugly photo for another 10 years on my passport. Thank you so much Ryan and Team!
Mariana Pfeilsticker
Mariana Pfeilsticker
11:21 24 Jul 22
Money well spent on my passport photo. I’ll be very pleased every time when I use my passport.
Kuang Family
Kuang Family
11:32 25 Jun 22
THE BEST SERVICE EVERRRR!!!I would have given 10 stars if i could. Highly recommended.Called in urgent without an appointment, but they still agreeded. Everything was fast and professional.Thank you for saving my passport photo.
Neo Le
Neo Le
13:42 25 May 22
This place truly exceeded all of my expectation! I was welcomed with a free makeup session, which was a nice surprise. The team really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with the photo shoot and tried multiple ways to ensure I get the photo I want at the end. Love the photos I got so much - 100% would recommend to anyone for any photo needs, whether its to avoid having an awful post office passport photo, to get a profile photos for linkedin or auditions or to get a family portrait.
Erika Sa
Erika Sa
05:14 20 Apr 22
Really pleased with my passport photos - much better and well worth the money than going to a pharmacy or post office. I can't even begin to compare the my new passport photo with the old one - there is no comparison.Kevin was professional and the studio had a place where you could do your make up and hair before your session.Really very happy with the result.
Cecily Greval
Cecily Greval
07:07 15 Feb 22
I was very pleased with my passport photos.Professional service indeed👏👏It’s worth it as you will have this photo on your passport for years and you have to be happy with it. Best passport photo I have ever had👌👌
Christina Yallapa
Christina Yallapa
07:02 22 Jan 22
Best passport photo ever! Kevin and his team is the best ~
Catherine Wang
Catherine Wang
06:42 20 Jan 22
After putting up with my horrendous passport photo(taken at Australia Post) for 10 years, I finally found this place!!!Excellent service and amazing result, would recommend it to anyone
Shi Li Wu
Shi Li Wu
04:28 31 Oct 21
when I got my new passport photos, man, this is what I should have look like on my passport. GREAT
Stephen Galen
Stephen Galen
10:44 25 Jul 21
I highly recommend K Vision Studio. I visited there last week to get my passport photos taken. The staff were really friendly and professional, they made me look absolutely stunning! Thank you for the great work.
Wolfgang Tom
Wolfgang Tom
06:59 19 Jul 21
Great passport photo experience, finally I don’t need to bare with my old passport photo. They even helped me to cut the small photos in a perfect size.
06:18 10 Jul 21
I got the best passport photo that I ever had. Unlike those I took in the post office, the staff here tells you what’s called professional. I came in a rainy day and my hairs were a bit wet. The girl helped me to dry and adjust the hair. The photographer helped me to relax and adjust my expression. Worth to recommend to my friends.
Stefan Rodney
Stefan Rodney
04:47 09 Jul 21
Felt very relaxed taking photos here despite all the professional setting they have here, the two photographers were extremely sweet and were generous enough to take photos again till I was satisfied. I'm quite happy with how my passport photo came out, I definitely recommend this toyou if you ever need to take yours! 🤎
Amber Y
Amber Y
01:45 22 May 21
    悉尼证件照 Passport Photo


    我们的最美护照照可以根据不同国家地区、不同证件类型的官方要求,进行定制化拍摄的服务。在K VIison,您即将您拥有最好的护照照片,一张完美的护照照片能够让您炫耀十年,这是您的一次绝对物超所值的投资!
    Passport Photo Consultation


    在来到K Vision Studio后,我们的工作人员会询问您的照片用途。并帮您选择最合适的背景颜色和尺寸。


    Shooting Service


    Image Processing Service


    • 由K Vision Studio图像处理中心提供的高标准、高效率的照片后期服务。
    • 使用经过专业校色的显示器查看图片并进行后期修改,呈现最好的颜色。
    • 我们会根据您的修图需求,提供专业建议以供参考并达成您的理想效果。


    • 我们使用Epson专业微喷打印机为您打印优质照片。
    • 同时使用Epson原装优质防刮相纸,使照片经受得起时间的考验。
    • 采用专业的色彩管理系统,还原真实色彩,确保所见即所得。
    Passport photo delivery




    • 电子版最美护照照片 x 1
    • 依照您所需证件的官方要求裁剪的电子版照片 x 1
    • 依照您所需证件的官方要求裁剪的打印版照片 x 1版 (根据所需照片尺寸的不同,每版可剪裁2-4张照片)
    • 可拍摄1套服装配1个背景色。
    • 拍摄及选片时长约为15分钟。
    • 拍摄当天立等可取


    • 拍摄澳洲或中国护照\签证照片,请务必穿着深色上衣。一切浅色或以浅色为主的印花服装皆有极大被拒风险。(申请其他国家地区证件所需的照片,请依照官方要求选择服装)
    • 由于绝大多数国家地区,要求申请护照\签证所需的照片需为6个月以内拍摄,故请在拍摄之日起6个月内完成申请。在此情况下,如果您的申请印照片问题未通过官方审核,我们可以为您提供免费重拍服务。如您在拍摄日起6个月之后申请证件,且由于任何原因被官方驳回申请,我们将无法提供免费重拍服务。
    • 目前没有任何摄影机构可以保证照片可以100%通过官方审核(官方指定机构也不行),所以如果您需要在特定时间之前收到新的证件,请务必给自己预留足够的纠错时间,以免耽误行程。


    • 领英职业头像   • TrueME™ 系列个人写真

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