$399.00 90 minutes $319.20


Product Introduction

It’s not time, not the material that’s left in a photo,
But it keeps people from getting old and separation.
Let’s create memories for your children, create artworks that will last lifetime long, capture your children’s growth from little monsters to teenagers.

Styling Service(Optional Item)

• Using professional branded cosmetics to create exquisite makeup.
• Professionally trained makeup artists to provide professional advice.
• Regularly sterilised clothing to give you an assured experience.
Business Portrait Photography

Shooting Service

• Using Nikon professional portrait photography equipment.
• studio equipped with world class lighting equipment.
• Photographers have been trained and evaluated by professional systems.
• Professional photographers will communicate to understand the personality and ideal result you want to express.
• The first step in our shooting is not to press the shutter, but to chat first to relax you, and under this premise we can take the most realistic you.
Business Headshot Retouching

Image Processing Service

• High standard and efficient retouching service provided by K Vision Studio image processing centre.
• Using Mac computers and MacBook to view and retouch photos, to present the best colour experience.
• We will follow your retouching needs and provide professional advice for reference.

Image Printing Service

• Using EPSON professional micro-jet printer.
• Using original EPSON high-quality scratch-resistant photo paper to protect photos from the test of time.
• Using professional colour management system to restore the true colours, make sure that what you see is what you get.

Product Information

• Include matched retouched digital photo. (no unprocessed originals)
• Add extra retouched digital photos: $100/image.
• Add prints: $20/image.

Service Tips

• You will need to bring your own clothing that suits your temperament. It is recommended to choose a single coloured top for better results.
• Basic size shirts are available in studio as an option.
• It is recommended to get your skin well moisturised, to have a haircut/shave/shampoo in advance but do not apply hair conditioner. We will do photogenic makeup for you.
• The standard service time is 90 minutes,(TrueFRIENDS; TrueFAMILY; TrueLOVE 110Mins)  which may be completed delay or early due to different  personal conditions and shooting conditions.

Photo License

• The delivered photo(s) from this service contain(s) general personal usage license — The client can use the image(s) for personal usage and post them on social media of his/her own personal account. The printed photos under this usage right are not allowed to be larger than 6x8inch or over 50 copies per year.
Any commercial usage such as, but not limited to, showing on a company’s website, using in digital/printed poster or any other marketing material, using as video footage is required to upgrade to general commercial usage license.