1. The client agrees that K Vision Studio Pty. Ltd. (The owner of sydneyHeadshot.net) shall provide services to photograph to the best of our abilities in accordance with the portrait session selected. Every effort will be made to assure your satisfaction according to industry standards. Any artistic interpretations by the photographer will be deemed acceptable and correct. We will look at the original photos with you during the photo session and select the photos that need to proceed to post-production. If you are not satisfied with your images through the fault of K Vision Studio, your images will be retaken on-site. You have unlimited retake opportunities during the photo session that you booked. We will do all we can to ensure you are satisfied with your images and products. Once you have chosen your photos, the selected ones will proceed to the post-production step. We cannot be responsible for dissatisfaction due to circumstances beyond our control such as, but not limited to, acts of God, the behaviour of subjects, and wardrobe selection, regret after the photo shooting session, someone else says “no”, malfunction and appearance thereof. 

2. In the event that photographic materials are damaged or lost through camera or computer malfunction the photographer liability will be limited to a retake of the session whenever possible or a refund of the cost of session fee if images cannot be retaken. If the session fee must be refunded, K Vision Studio will have no further obligation to the client.

3. The client shall submit the requested retainer with agreeing on this term and condition, to reserve the date and services of their portrait session. This retainer will be applied to the session fee.  The free Reschedule/Cancellation has to be informed by the client strictly 48 hours prior to the booked session. 

$50 will be charged if reschedule/cancellation is informed 24 hours prior. We will not issue any refund for unreasonable “NO SHOW”

Any reschedule/cancellation request made within 24 hours, the paid session fee will not be returned or applied towards the rescheduled session.  The rescheduled session will require a new retainer to secure the new date.

Refund will not be given for unexpected circumstances/ force majeure such as Covid-19(lockdown) but the booked session is reschedulable when we re-opened in this case.

4. The client agrees that all copyrights and/or intellectual property rights for all photographs taken at the session shall be held exclusively by K Vision Studio Pty. Ltd. It is a violation of federal copyright law (Copyright Act 1968) to allow photographs created by K Vision Studio Pty. Ltd. to be reprinted, duplicated, digitally reproduced, copied, scanned, posted online or altered without our written permission. You agree to purchase prints and products directly from K Vision Studio unless in possession of high-resolution digital files. You agree not to make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing the sale of the images by K Vision Studio. You agree not to scan, copy or reproduce images in any manner without a written release. 

5. The client grants that K Vision Studio Pty. Ltd. may use any images taken at the session for the promotion of its business and services. Including but not limited to website, blog, studio display, internal and external promotional material, and product demos. If you do not wish to authorise us to use your photos anywhere, please email us after placing the order with your order number; we will send you an email as written evidence that we will only keep your photos in our files.

6. You can select your final image(s) at the end of the session. Final images will be delivered to you within 14 business days. (Passport photos will be delivered on-site)

7. Images will be retouched according to the client’s direction until the client is satisfied. (For passport photos, we will give suggestions about what we can do and what we cannot.)

8. Due to the large amount of storage space required for today’s digital imaging technology and a large number of images we create per year, we can only keep your image files online and in our system for 30 days. After thirty days, all images will be deleted from our system.

9. The client agrees and understands that the type of work we will produce will be of similar style and calibre to the images shown on our website. The client agrees to allow K Vision Studio Pty. Ltd. complete creative control over the location of the session as well as any poses, locations, positions or lack there of executed at the session.

10. The client’s payment activity shows that the customer accepts current prices. If the product price changes due to new campaigns or any other reasons 7 days after the payment, all refund requirements will not be processed due to extra labour and operating costs.

11. The client will receive processed digital image file(s) that has been chosen in the image review session. The original raw photos or unretouched JPEG photos are not defined as final products for trade. They will not be sold or given to the clients unless exemption is given by K Vision Studio Pty. Ltd.

12. The client agrees on the following default usage agreement. Any different usage right that is not mentioned below will be charged extra and released in written.

Perfect Passport Photo: General personal usage right — The client can use the image(s) for personal usage and post them on social media of his/her own personal account. The printed photos under this usage right are not allowed to be larger than 6x8inch or over 50 copies per year.

LinkedIn Profile Photos: General personal usage right — The client can use the image(s) for personal usage and post them on social media of his/her own personal account. The printed photos under this usage right are not allowed to be larger than 6x8inch or over 50 copies per year.

TrueMe, TrueLOVE, TrueFRIENDS, TrueFAMILY and Editorial / Fitness Photography: General personal usage right — The client can use the image(s) for personal usage and post them on social media of his/her own personal account. The printed photos under this usage right are not allowed to be larger than 6x8inch or over 50 copies per year.

All Headshots: General commercial usage right — The client can use the image(s) commercially on any website, social media or videos. The printed photos under this usage right are not allowed to be larger than 20x30inch or over 10,000 copies per year.

13. Please note that if you submit your passport application with a photo that is older than the time frame specified by the issuing authority (usually within 6 months), we will not provide a free retake of the photo if it is not accepted for any reason.

14. We offer a complimentary reshoot service for passport photos in the case of rejection by the Passport / Visa / ID department, provided that our oversight results in non-compliance with official requirements for the photos, such as dimensions, proportions, and background colour and the client adheres to our retouching suggestions. However, we are unable to offer a free reshoot if the government department rejects the ID photos, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  1. The client disregarded our recommendations and insisted on using hair to obscure part of their face.
  2. The client disregarded our recommendations and insisted on additional retouching to meet personal aesthetic preferences.
  3. The client underwent facial surgery subsequent to the issuance of the previous passport. This circumstance is beyond our control. If the official department rejects the photo and necessitates a new passport or ID photo, we are not obligated to provide a complimentary reshoot for the client.

15. Due to variations in reviewing personnel, errors, unknowns, or unnecessary rejections may occur during the application process. In such cases, if time permits and the circumstances meet our criteria for a complimentary reshoot, we will proactively and promptly arrange a free reshoot for you with enthusiasm. However, if you are departing tomorrow and only apply for documentation today, encountering the aforementioned situation, we are not obliged to provide expedited services. Therefore, please plan ahead and allocate sufficient time (at least one month) for your document and passport application.