I am going to share accumulative experience of how to take a perfect passport after 10 years working in the industry because too many people are sick and tired of being ashamed of their ID photos

  • Postures

When sitting down make sure your back is straight, and only sit half of the chair, this way you will look inspirit. Also roll your shoulders back so the look of your neck elongates. Keep your eyes open, close your mouth when you smile and hold your tongue against the upper jaw. This will slightly tighten your facial muscles; therefore, the face lines are more obvious, and chin is stretched visually so you will not have a visible double chin

  • Clothing

You should be considerable of what to wear for you passport photo because it is going to last you ten years. Try to choose a shirt with a V-neck(not a wide one), which will stretch the line of your neck and face in order to have a pointier chin. The colour should be chosen differently from the background colour that’s required. Black; white; grey; and navy are more commonly used colours. Avoid colours that are similar to your skin colour and also avoid obvious pattern.

  • Makeup 

Makeup can make a big difference: to even skin tones; cover dark circles; contour your face and etc. try to avoid heavy makeup. The whole point about make up is to make you look flawless, clean and natural. If possible, we suggest that you apply a facial mask the night before to have bright and watery skin. 

  • Hair

We strongly suggest that you get your hair professionally styled before you come to take your passport photo that you will use for the next ten years. 

Here are some tips on how to do your hair for your passport photo session

  • Avoid your hair covering your eyebrows and eyes
  • If you have long hair, you can choose to brush them to the back of your shoulder neatly, so the hair does not cover your shirt. Also, ponytails are most commonly used when taking a passport photo.
  • Do not wear hat, thick headbands, hairbows in your hair because these could be rejected by the passport office.

With the above tips and our photographers’ professional direction to relief your nervousness we guarantee you have a passport photo that you and the passport officer will love.


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