Image photos/professional photos/certificate photos have certain usage restrictions for official purposes and are relatively more formal. For professional image photos, you can choose the clothing that suits you based on your professional attributes and personal temperament. Simply put, what impression do you want to leave on the people who see the photo? Is it a newcomer with a bright future in the workplace, an unconventional artist, or an established professional elite?

How to dress appropriately and eye-catchingly when taking professional photos?

What kind of professional image photo can make your resume stand out in the eyes of HR?

The first principles of professional image photography:

Choose clothes that make you feel confident

Most fresh graduates tend to choose a white shirt with a black suit to take professional photos/resume photos/certificate photos. However, this kind of attire is often a little unsuitable for fresh graduates, partly because their immature faces are not suitable for it. Wear too formal a formal suit.

Therefore, no matter which image-shooting outfit you choose, if you feel uncomfortable, not like yourself, or too different even at a glance, then you’d better try other clothes. Next, I recommend a few unmistakable outfit styles~


Wearing a white shirt looks ugly when taking professional photos/image photos/ID photos. In fact, the fault is not in the white shirt, but in that you chose the wrong white shirt.

If you want to wear a white shirt comfortably, it is recommended to choose a more casual style, such as a V-neck, one-line collar or a doll collar design. The color is not eye-catching pure white, and the relatively natural cut can make your image look better. Simple and eye-catching.

In addition to white shirts, of course you can also try shirts of other colors or patterns, and the selection principles remain the same.

Suit jacket:

Some professions may have stricter dress requirements. However, if you are not sure whether the company or position you are applying for has a dress code, a suit is always the best choice. After all, a suit can never go wrong in a formal occasion like a job application.

If you want to make a rigid suit comfortable and special, you need to put special effort into the inner wear. Because the suit is already tightly wrapped, the inner neckline can be relatively low to lengthen the neck line as much as possible to make the overall look look more relaxed. A V-neck shirt or sweater is a good choice. The collar of a suit jacket does not have to be a common lapel design, a casual and simple cardigan design can also be used. In terms of color, you can choose gray, white, stripes, plaid and other special designs.

Because whether the suit fits well will have a great impact on the final effect of the photo, I would like to remind all students who want to wear a suit to take pictures to prepare a suit that fits them for better photo effects!

One Piece Dress

For women, dresses are always a more suitable formal choice than suits. It’s serious enough, but at the same time, it better highlights the femininity through color and style. It would be a pity not to wear them to take image photos.

When choosing a dress for image photos, be sure to avoid styles that look too much like evening dresses, such as suspenders, sloping shoulders, and tube tops. The overall style should also highlight your personal and professional characteristics. Slim-fitting dresses avoid loose straight skirts and are more suitable for emphasizing formality.

Tips to make your resume photos stand out

> Choose bright or light colors to wear

The first purpose of resume photos/image photos/ID photos is to make you stand out among the candidates. Under the fatigue of so many black and white aesthetics, a sudden bright color will definitely make the HR’s eyes brighten and give you a unique look. Feel

> Pair it with exquisite accessories

Formal attire will inevitably look dull, so brighten yourself up with brooches, necklaces, earrings or scarves. But remember to choose small and exquisite styles as much as possible.

The photo on your resume will definitely be the first thing to attract HR’s attention. A bad resume photo will be of no help. However, this is definitely not a problem of your appearance, but that you have not taken a photo that can truly show your personal temperament. image photo. With a natural and confident image, K Vision cannot guarantee that you will win every job, but at least it guarantees that your image will add color to your resume!


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