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哈哈!我就知道以你的聪明才智,肯定能很轻易地找到我们哒!小红书近期严格限制我们发给大家任何网站、微信等“导流”信息…… 只要有类似动作就禁言14天,而且期间我们所有笔记都无法被搜到。意为让我们在小红书开设店铺,让你在小红书直接下单,他们好收手续费。但他们不想想,大部分朋友,在不问清楚具体的服务内容和价格,单凭我们在小红书晒得那几张图,怎么可能那么轻易就做出购买决定呢?

既然现在聪明的你找到了我,有什么疑问欢迎加微信号kvisionstudio,或者直接拨打0401 875 686联系我们。有啥问题随便问😄 哎呀妈呀,可憋死我了,终于敢大声说话了!!!我可太难了……

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K Vision Studio is a professional photography studio based in Sydney, Australia. We provide commercial imaging services (including commercial photography and video), event photography and corporate headshot service. We also proudly own a sub-brand  My Little One Photography which provides high-end maternity, newborn, baby and family photography services for customers. We are located at 94 Wicks Rd. North Ryde NSW

At present, a large-scale market promotion of the Event Live Photo platform that independently developed by K Vision is carrying out. As a new marketing weapon for customers’ massive event, ELP has provided professional services for many large Australian enterprises, and it has won public recognition and high praise from our customers.

Our core business philosophy is: With our specialised skills, to present the professionalism of our customers.

About the brands:

K Vision doesn’t plan to create a big brand but lack of professional. In the future, we will create a well-defined brand identity. This will include all of K Vision’s brands, and every brand will provide the best service based on professional knowledge and skills for their brand-specific customers.

About the team:

K Vision has a specific team for each specific service, with each team being highly professional and experienced in their photographic field. We will also procure more cooperation with famous and highly reputable photographers as our guest photographers, who will bring extraordinary improvements to K Vision’s service.

About the service:

Customer service will be the most important element of K Vision’s development in the future. We will comprehensively incorporate it into our service starting with the construction of the photographic scene and the additional details of in-store services, right through to our customer consulting experience and after-sales service.


2010  My Little One Photography Studio Sydney was established.
2012  My Little One Photography Studio Sydney is recognised as a well-known brand in Sydney.
2013  K Vision Photography Studio Sydney was established as a corporate company.
2015  K Vision Photography Studio Sydney serviced more than 120 companies in one year.
2016  K Vision Photography Studio Sydney serviced more than 200 companies in one year.
2017  Event Live Photo started to be developed.
2018  Event Live Photo’s development was in the final stages.
2019  Event Live Photo is ready to be deployed.
2022  We beat the pandemics.

Address: 94 Wicks Rd. North Ryde NSW

What Our Clients Say

Happy to recommend to every one. Best photographer in the town!
Becky特别好 化妆技术杠杠的 而且特别细心 👏🏻👏🏻 Gia也是很不错的 专业细心 👏🏻👏🏻 去了他们推荐的旁边那家邮局 直接过审 期待成果🎉🎉 谢谢你们呦🤗🤗
Professional & experienced team in K Vision Studio. Highly recommended.
I had an absolutely phenomenal experience when I had my professional photos taken here. The results were nothing short of stunning, the service exuded the utmost professionalism, and the staff’s unwavering assistance truly exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend their services!
Great customer service and professional photoshoot.
Great service with high-quality photos! The team members were super professional and friendly while I took my passport photos. Also, they have the service where if the picture they took didn’t pass, you could take another one without any charge. My first picture did not pass, and they just took another one for me! Everything was good and i will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.
I highly recommend them for your next passport photo need. The staff warmly welcomed me upon arrival, providing professional guidance throughout the entire process. Everything is very well-organized and streamlined that I received my photos on the spot soon after the shoot. Great job team!
I did my ID photo here for my passport renewal. Professional photo shooting and photoshopping catering to your needs. Great services.
Cindy is amazing!
Great service. Very happy with photos, would recommend
Great service!
Great end-result and photo was accepted without any issues. The instructions during the shoot on how to postion yourself were good. The process of elminiation to come to the best photo was great. Would go back for a different type of shot (eg linkedin) - maybe i should have done that all at the same time.
Very nice service!! 客服小姐姐人真的太好了!祝生意兴隆! 🙂
Thank you for the attention you provided to ensure I had a great photo experience. I feel so much more confident sharing my identification now that I have my professional photo.
I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and dedication. They delivered exceptional results for my office photo. The hospitality and warmth I experienced were outstanding. Their meticulous attention to detail and personalized assistance were greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!
I recently got a headshot done by Wayne at K Vision Studio, and it was exceptional. Wayne's expertise is evident in his work. The final headshot surpassed my expectations, revealing my photogenic side. In a world of AI-generated images, nothing matches the authenticity of a skillfully captured photograph. Wayne's talent as a photographer is unmatched, proving that human creativity can't be replaced.I appreciated how Wayne captured my natural essence. Thank you, Wayne, and K Vision Studio, for the fantastic work. Highly recommended!
Professional Service, Best Corporate Headshots Photos Studio in Sydney
Came here to take a new headshot for my LinkedIn and was really impressed by how professional but friendly they both were. And the photos were amazing!
Photography Studio Sydney - HEADSHOT CREW