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K Vision Studio is a professional photography studio based in Sydney, Australia. We provide commercial imaging services (including commercial photography and video), event photography and corporate headshot service. We also proudly own a sub-brand  My Little One Photography which provides high-end maternity, newborn, baby and family photography services for customers.

At present, a large-scale market promotion of the Event Live Photo platform that independently developed by K Vision is carrying out. As a new marketing weapon for customers’ massive event, ELP has provided professional services for many large Australian enterprises, and it has won public recognition and high praise from our customers.

Our core business philosophy is: With our specialised skills, to present the professionalism of our customers.

About the brands:

K Vision doesn’t plan to create a big brand but lack of professional. In the future, we will create a well-defined brand identity. This will include all of K Vision’s brands, and every brand will provide the best service based on professional knowledge and skills for their brand-specific customers.

About the team:

K Vision has a specific team for each specific service, with each team being highly professional and experienced in their photographic field. We will also procure more cooperation with famous and highly reputable photographers as our guest photographers, who will bring extraordinary improvements to K Vision’s service.

About the service:

Customer service will be the most important element of K Vision’s development in the future. We will comprehensively incorporate it into our service starting with the construction of the photographic scene and the additional details of in-store services, right through to our customer consulting experience and after-sales service.


2010  My Little One Photography Studio Sydney established.
2012  My Little One Photography Studio Sydney recognised as a well-known brand in Sydney.
2013  K Vision Photography Studio Sydney established as a corporate company.
2015  K Vision Photography Studio Sydney serviced more than 120 companies in one year.
2016  K Vision Photography Studio Sydney serviced more than 200 companies in one year.
2017  Event Live Photo started to be developed.
2018  Event Live Photo’s development was in the final stages.
2019  Event Live Photo is ready to be deployed.

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