Whenever you want to capture and document some events, do you find it difficult to decide what kind of photographer to choose?

Should you go with the photographer you usually work with for portraits, or should you search for someone new?

Whether it’s capturing a child’s birthday, a wedding, a large-scale event, and so on, there are different focuses and requirements in photography.

Next, based on our experience, let me share with you how to choose the right event photographer:

1️⃣ Determine what you need to capture, whether the emphasis is on photos or videos.

Are you focused on capturing the people participating in the event, or is it more about showcasing the environment?

Also, be clear about the duration of the coverage, preferably in hours. If it spans multiple days, specify the number of hours needed each day.

2️⃣ Examine the photographer’s past work (pay special attention to their event photography, as being skilled in portraits or still life photography doesn’t necessarily translate to event photography competence).

Check if their style and the quality of their work align with your event requirements.

3️⃣ Find out if the photographer has experience in event photography and inquire whether they have worked on similar events before.

For example, if the photographer you’re considering primarily shoots portraits or posed models, it may raise some questions about their suitability for event photography.

4️⃣ Communicate with the photographer to see if they can clearly understand your needs and the type of shots you want to achieve.

5️⃣ Evaluate whether the photographer’s pricing is within your budget and decide whether to proceed with the collaboration.

6️⃣ Once you’ve reached an agreement, confirm the shooting schedule and the delivery time for photos/videos.

After the shoot, maintain active communication with the photographer and clearly express any post-production editing requests for the photos or videos. This way, you can receive satisfactory results in the shortest possible time frame.


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