📸 What is a Linkedin profile photo?

It’s actually a professional headshot, the kind of photo we usually use on resumes or for work-related purposes!

💼 What is the purpose of a Linkedin profile photo?

A professional headshot is different from a regular portrait photo. It is specifically used for professional and business activities, aiming to highlight the individual’s industry traits and professional qualities. It can be used for job applications, showcasing personal style, event promotion, and brand image display in various business settings. That’s why it’s also referred to as a business headshot or commercial photo, including both full-body and half-body shots.

🌈 Where can you use a Linkedin profile photo?

For personal use, a professional headshot can be used as a desk display, on business cards, personal resumes, work IDs, and as avatars on various online platforms. On the other hand, a commercial professional headshot can be used for personal branding and advertising, corporate brochures, PowerPoint presentations, and large-screen displays.

🤔 Do I really need a Linkedin profile photo?

Little K thinks that regardless of the profession, everyone needs a professional headshot. A good photo can leave a positive impression on clients because personal image is the best communication tool. Studies in business psychology have shown that the influence and trust between people mainly come from language, tone, and appearance, with appearance accounting for 55% of the overall impact. So, the image is quite important!

👗 What should I wear for a Linkedin profile photo?

It is generally recommended to wear clothes that are relevant to your profession or can showcase your personal presence. After all, your own clothes fit you best! If you can’t find suitable clothes for the shoot, basic shirts are usually available at the studio. (But of course, your own clothes are the most suitable and good-looking!)

💄 I don’t know how to do makeup. Can you help me?

 K Vision’s Linkedin profile photo package includes basic makeup services! And of course, there are optional advanced makeup services available too!


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