Today, I’m going to share with you the three key factors that we focus on to ensure our customers’ passport photos turn out amazing.

Number 1: Huge Light Source

First and foremost, you need a massive light source. The size of your light source directly affects the shadows in your photos. The larger the light source, the softer the shadows will be.

Conversely, a smaller light source creates harsher shadows. Let me show you an example using different sizes of diffusers.

[This is the result under our largest diffuser.]

[This is the result without using any diffuser.]

[This is the most common indoor lighting that your home or post offices use]

 Look at the difference between these two light effects. It’s significant, right? So remember, if you want your passport photo to look fantastic, go for that big light source. 

Here’s a little trick: add a reflector under your chin, and you’ll see yourself glowing!


Number 2 appears on screen: Attention to Details

Now, let’s talk about something most other places that take passport photos don’t even bother with—details.

We believe that the little things matter. When you come to us, we’ll not only help you tidy up your hair and clothes, but we’ll also pay special attention to those pesky stray hairs, your collar, and the symmetry of your shoulders.

During the shoot, we’ll guide you on adjusting your sitting posture, head angle, smile scale, and even your eye expression. Trust me, these details make a huge difference between a bad-looking passport photo and a perfect one.


Number 3 appears on screen: The Smile Scale

Let’s tackle the topic of smiles. Most passport requirements state “neutral expression,” which often results in unhappy faces like this. But here’s the thing—neutral doesn’t mean unhappy.

[The neutral face does NOT mean unhappy]

You can still have a pleasant expression without showing your teeth or smiling too much.

While you are smiling, do not engage your cheek muscle.

Just slowly lift the corners of your mouth.  And open up your eyes! Beautifule. When taking passport photos, we usually capture multiple images with different smile scales after getting some safe shots. Then, we choose the best one and resize it to meet the official requirements.


Now, keep in mind that other factors like makeup, sitting posture, and eye expressions can also influence the final look of your passport photo. However, by optimizing the size of the light source, paying attention to details during the shoot, and achieving that slight, pleasant smile, these three factors are what we use to ensure our customers get the best result for their next 10-year passport.


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