It’s well-known that Australia Post offers a convenient passport photo service.

But how does K Vision differ from the post office? What sets us apart?

Let’s clarify the distinctions for you today!

Australia Post:

– Snap and done, no adjustments for hairstyle, clothing, or appearance.
– Limited lighting equipment, photo quality depends on the post office setup.
– No uncropped original images, only the standard headshot size for Australian passports.
– No post-processing involved.
– Crowded environment, with onlookers. What if you have social anxiety?

K Vision:

– It’s not just one shot; we make sure to select the best among the photos.
– Our assistant will help adjust your clothing and hairstyle. Chaos is not an option!
– Our photographer will guide you, creating the perfect mood for your best look.
– We provide both digital and printed versions, including uncropped electronic copies, so you can have any size you need.
– We use professional equipment and conduct expert post-processing to enhance your beauty.
– We offer an exclusive space, ensuring a comfortable environment, free from social anxiety.

Choose K Vision for a passport photo experience that goes beyond the ordinary!


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