1. Clothes you are going to wear

When you decide to go for a professional headshot, the first question comes up to you is ‘ what are you going to wear?”. First of all, don’t wear any graphic logo t-shirt or band names or funny slogans on your top. Usually, headshot photos are used for a few years. These slogans may be popular and entertaining now, but they will make you funny after several years.
The next type of shirt which should be forbidden is the one with patterns and thin stripes. The moire effect says when thin strips close together create a secondary rippling pattern. In the photography process, it means when patterns and thin lines look good on your clothes, they may be a busy visual noise on camera. Wearing something plain is a good idea for professional headshot photography.
The last but not least, some headshot photos get converted to black and white. So you need to think about the tones. For example, if you wear a pink shirt with a light blue tie, you may look good in real life. However, if the picture is in black and white, these colours will be the same tone and just blend into one another. If you are not sure about the tone, you can take a picture of yourself and convert the photo to black and white.

2. Shiny Skin

If you photograph your headshot in a studio, they will set up all the lighting to get the most flattering image of you. It’s great! But, the only shortcoming is that your skin will look shiny or sweaty.
So, for ladies, it’s better to put on some foundation to control your shiny skin. For gentlemen, you’d better wash your face before you start.

3. Hair Styling

Whenever it’s a windy day, ladies’ hair will be messed when they arrive at our studio. For this situation, it’s better to bring a brush with you if you want your hair look smooth and like a shampoo advert. If you have a fringe and want it looking good, try your best to style it in the way you want it to be.
It is challenging to photoshop your hair as there are too many lines in so many different directions. So make your hairstyle ready is very critical for your business headshot. If you order the session which includes makeup and hair styling, it will be perfect, and you don’t have to worry about shiny skin and hair styling.

4. Make-up

A natural look always works best as this is a professional headshot for your work. Put on the makeup which you usually do for your work.
If you wear a strong lipstick daily, it’s okay for you. If you usually apply a light makeup, then you just apply that. Don’t go overboard.

5. Glasses or not

If you wear glasses every day and people are familiar to you with glasses, then wear them. If you only wear glasses when you are using a computer, then don’t wear them.
If you are going to wear glasses, then there are a couple of things you need to do. First of all, clean your glasses as clear as you can. Then, when you’re photographing, push your glasses back as far as they will go. Sometimes the frame of glasses covers your eyes. For a profile photo, it’s critical to see your eyes.

6.  Your best side

Everyone has their preferred side of their face. It helps our photographers to focus on that side. So tell our photographers about which side you prefer. It can enhance the final result efficiently.

7. Your right height

Pick a pair of high heels which match your style most is essential for ladies. You should pick one looks professional, rather than a casual style one. For gentlemen, choose shoes you usually wear for work is a perfect option for you. 

8. No more talking

9. Smile 😃

10. Have a look at the mirror before you go for your Headshot


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